S G T . D I E W I ES

Your Very Own 6 ft. Tall Baby Giraffe

"I am so lucky and grateful to have all these amazing performers in my life. I couldn't survived as a performer without them. They are always saving my bacon!! "

Burlesque Birth...

Sgt. Die Wies (originally pronounced DIE WISE) began in 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA when she started her cabaret show and troupe Sinastar Exhibit. After moving back to California (Oakland) in 2008, with the support from Jim Sweeney and the late Eddie Dane she began performing with The Hubba Hubba Revue, shortly there after change the pronunciation of Die Wies (DIE WISE) to (DEVICE) thanks to the help of one Juice D. Light.

Performance Background

As a child Sarge grew up taking tap, ballet and gymnastics. As she grew taller being a pro gymnast eventual "grew" out of reach. Instead her parents put her in music classes where she would continue to learn and play a multitude of instruments from elementary to present day, figuring out Woodwind instruments were her "forte". From high school through college and there in after she toured playing in bands ranging from heavy metal to hip hop.


Random Factoids

  • Sarge Performed at The Burlesque Hall of Fame for the Movers Shakers and Innovators Showcase in 2013.

  • Sarge took 1st runner up at the 2014 World Burlesque Games in London, England in the co-ed "International Newcomer " category.

  • Sarge also performs drag under the proper name Kuntrl Alt V. You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KuntrlAltV.

  • Sarge has performed at the first ever Hollywood Burlesque Festival and the Los Angeles Bulypicks

100% Brutal

Know for her tagline "Brutal as hell, metal as FUCK" our beloved "Rainbow in the Dark" loves to wreck shop where ever she goes.

Also known for having a heart of gold, Sarge has been known to dish out quite a bit of charity work and pro bono performances to bring awareness to causes she supports and gets behind. Yearly Sargent throws the Shave Yer Head Fest in honor of her mother Miss. Annie, a breast cancer survivor.

The Shave Yer Head Festival is a benefit concert that happens to support cancer awareness and community creativity through the music and burlesque community!

People get their heads shaved or hair cut for cancer on stage while bands are playing! The hair is donated to Locks of Love. 30% is donated to the artists and Performers, 70% is toward the music Menagerie.

The Music Menagerie's mission is to bring music, art and any other type of artistic expression to the forefront of our community and our educational curriculum. It will be a place were creatives like ourselves can go for work to educate not just kids but people in general in our community. Lessons, lectures, clinics, shows... all run by local touring musicians/artists/dancers/C's. You will always have a job and a home to come back to. People/bands/groups will be displayed through out the facility as those are the people who helped us become .... a community run organization funded and fueled by creative minds.


Places to go... faces to see!

Sarge has been lucky enough to been welcomed by other performers in places such as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Albuquerque and Las Vegas! Internationally she has performed in London England, Paris France, Belfast Ireland, Barcelona Spain and Hamburg Germany. She is always looking to go to new places and showcase with all of her other favorite performers from all over the world!!! If interested in booking her please checkout the Booking/Contact section above ;)



Father Nelson and Mother Annie
“ You can learn something from everyone and every situation. Every experience is a learning one.”
— -Father, Nelson Govan, June 6th, 1949 - January 1st, 2013