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Die Wies


Sarge is an accomplished freeflow DJ specializing in the genres of trap, hip-hop, and urban club bangers, while infusing her unique style and a touch of pop culture humor. She delights in sprinkling in the occasional Saturday morning cartoon theme song, evoking feelings of nostalgia and childlike playfulness among her audience. With a keen ear for discovering emerging artists, unearthing hidden gems, and sampling the unexpected, Sarge's primary passion lies in uniting people and cultures through the universal language of music. Her musical journey has taken her from Spain to the American South, from Copenhagen to Camden Town, and even to the prestigious Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, forming a rich tapestry of experiences that connect the places she's had the privilege to visit.

While she still has a deep love for travel and remains available for bookings worldwide, her regular stomping grounds are in the vibrant Bay Area. Her impressive list of clients includes renowned names such as Google, Cashapp, SF Pride, Levi's, and Creekside Socials. You can typically find DJ Die Wies gracing the decks at prominent venues and events such as The Stud, The Great Northern, 620 Jones, SF Pride, The SF Queer Nightlife Fund, and Jolene's. Notably, she recently captivated audiences at an Embassy event in Naples in February 2023 and ventured to Tokyo, Japan in April 2023.

If you're curious about the magic within her musical arsenal, don't hesitate to book her by reaching out below.

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