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Kuntrl is a spooky queen who likes to keep things off-kilter. She was born from the drag womb of David Glamamore and Ferosha Titties of Meow Mix, lovingly adopted and parented by Holy McGrail and Rahni Nothingmore. In her youth she ran with the fiercest punk drag kid crew, including famous names like Mary Vice, Kochina Rude, and Hollow Eve of Dragula. She has performed with Drag Race winner Sharon Needles, Jinx Monsoon, Shangela, Detox, Milk, and Latrice Royale. Kuntrl has been heavily influenced by wild femme rockers and riot grrls like The Lunachicks, L7, and Tank Girl, and it shows. This persona says it all and doesn’t hold back. Her brash attitude and unbridled outlandishness is all geared towards making a better world for the weirdest and queerest among us. She is passionate about welcoming all genders in all forms of drag, and changing the scope of drag as an art form, one eyelash at a time. 


To be a part of Kuntrl’s revolution to sashay away the pay gap for women in the drag community, get to smashin that glitter ceiling and book this queen below!

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