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Die Wies

BURLESQUE favorite 6 Ft. Tall Baby Giraffe

Burlesque performer and emcee extraordinaire Sgt. Die Wies (pronounced DEVICE) began in 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA when she started her cabaret show and troupe Sinastar Exhibit. After moving back to California (Oakland) in 2008, with support from Kat De Lac (PGH) , Sparkly Devil, Jim Sweeney and the late Eddie Dane she began performing with The Hubba Hubba Revue, shortly thereafter changing the pronunciation of Die Wies (DIE WISE) to (DEVICE) thanks to the help of one Juicy D. Light. Adding producing to her talents of performing and hosting, in 2012 she created her show production Womanopoly with her best Friend Elyse Elaine. 

After Elyse relocated to Las Vegas, and Womanopoly’s original host Luscious Lucius retired, Sarge moved forward with the rebranding of Womanopoly as WomanoplySF and 3 years ago acquired her ongoing residency at the city’s new favorite queer woman of color-owned queer bar, Jolene’s, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district!


Catch WomanopolySF putting the smash down every Sunday at Jolene’s for our often-sold-out drag and burlesque brunch by clicking the reservation button below! Or hit Book Now for an up close and personal experience anywhere in the world!

You can also catch the newly franchised monthly WomanoplyLV rooftop show in Las Vega co produced By Elyse Elaine and Sgt. Die Wies the 4th Thursday of every month at Taverna Costera

Random Factoids

  • Won PrincessTV's "High PrincX" Pageant 2022

  • Sarge was Crowned 2018 Queen of Burlesque at Heavy Rebel’s Wiggle Room Pagent and Princess in 2019.

  • Sarge Performed at The Burlesque Hall of Fame for the Movers Shakers and Innovators Showcase in 2013.

  • Sarge was featured on FOX’s tv show “Harry”

  • Sarge took 1st runner up at the 2014 World Burlesque Games in London, England in the co-ed "International Newcomer " category.

  • Sarge also performs drag under the proper name Kuntrl Alt V. You can follow her on Facebook.

  • in addition Sarge also performs as a drag king under the proper name Tyson Check-in. You can follow him on Facebook.

  • Sarge has performed at the first ever Hollywood Burlesque Festival and the Los Angeles Bulypicks

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